Acu-Disc ® Blu-Ray 10x White Thermal

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  • Capacity: 25 GB
  • Speed: 4 - 10x
  • Model No:5060158312948
  • Surface:White Thermal FS, for all Everest printers
  • Dye: inorganic
  • Hub Printable: Yes
  • Packaging: Cake Box
  • Carton Quantity: 10
  • Box Quantity: 600
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Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray Optical Media

High quality, high density disc that you can trust to hold your data for decades

Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray media are capable of holding up to 4.5 hours of high-definition (HD) video and around 11.5 hours of standard-definition (SD) video. Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray discs hold more than five times the storage capacity of a traditional DVD and will also allow playback of high-definition movies up to full HD 1080p resolution compared to DVD which can only show standard-definition movies up to 480p resolution.

What makes Acu-Disc® better than other brands

Inorganic High-to-Low (HTL) Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray media.

Acu-Disc® Blu-ray discs are manufactured using High to Low (HTL) Phase-change technology. Acu-Disc® Manufacture their Blu-Ray discs to this specification to ensure that their media uses high to low reflectivity when recording, which guarantees that Acu-Disc® Blu-ray media are not only the most compatible on the market, but that they also offer the best reliability. This process for creating phase-change optical media is unique; making Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray blank media a high quality high density disc that you can trust to hold your data for decades.

Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray media outperforms anything else available on the market.

Acu-Disc® ensure that their Blu-Ray Optical Media perform to the best standard possible by manufacturing their discs using inorganic alloy and composite materials, this manufacturing process creates the high quality discs you see available today. Using an inorganic recording layer in the Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray discs provides them with not only an extremely high resistance to the effects of UV lighting, giving the Blu-Ray media a tremendously long shelf life and making them ideal for storage and archiving but it also means that Acu-Disc® Blu-ray media offer the best compatibility with multiple Blu-ray burners and Blu-ray players. All of which are key factors in a medium that holds your data.

What makes Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray discs better then DVD

Acu-Disc® single substrate Blu-Ray blank media

Acu-Disc® make sure their Blu-ray media are manufactured as a single substrate disc which is comparable to CD, but unlike DVD. This type of manufacturing process does not involve the bonding of two substrates, resulting in less production material, making Acu-Disc® Blu-Ray discs more robust, able to offer more precision and most importantly making them more reliable when compared to other media. Manufacturing the data layer on the disc much closer to the laser lens means there is less distortion resulting in significantly improved tolerances.

The usage of a blue laser instead of a red laser and improved lens specifications allow for a much smaller focus laser beam which enables the recording of much smaller and higher density pits on the disc.

 Blu-Ray blue laser comparison

Quality in mind

Acu-Disc® manufacture their discs with the end user in mind. Their Blu-Ray optical media are manufactured so that they are not just the most reliable and compatible Blu-Ray blank media on the market but that they are also available to you at the best price.

 Satisfaction guaranteed

We're so confident in the quality of our media that should you not be entirely satisfied we'll offer a full refund - no quibble.



Specs: Details:
Capacity: 25 GB
Speed:4 - 10x
Model No:5060158312948
Surface:White Thermal FS, for all Everest printers
Hub Printable:Yes
Packaging:Cake box
Pack Quantity:10
Box Quantity:600
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