ACU Pro-Series DVD-R 16X White Inkjet

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  • Capacity: 4.7 GB
  • Speed: 16x
  • Model No: 5060158313686
  • Surface: White inkjet printable
  • Dye: Purple, azo based
  • Hub Printable: Yes, full surface
  • Packaging: shrink wrap
  • Carton Quantity:100
  • Box Quantity: 600
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AAA-Grade Media at an Outstanding Price!
New and improved maunfacturing process

A new addition to the UK's best selling Printable DVD-R Brand!

This extremely popular disc uses Acu-Disc®'s unique manufacturing know-how to create a fantastic printable surface, with a brilliant white formula, to allow for exceptional results across a wide range of DVD printers.

With the Acu-Disc® you will be able to take advantage of the high quality moulding taken from optical grade polycarbonate. This combination ensures for excellent burning and playback performance as well as superb autoloading compatibility. With the full printable surface being full surface with a metallized hub, your artwork is guaranteed to look great on the Acu-Disc® White Inkjet Pro-Series DVD-R


Satisfaction Guaranteed

ACU DISC have become the UK's best loved manufacturer of Blu-Ray Discs, Blank DVD-R and Blank CDR media. This is due to two clear principals; develop high quality products for the professional disc market and ensure that this manufacturing quality is consistently achieved.

ACU-DISC® are so confident in the quality of their blank media they produce, that they are the very first manufacturer of optical discs to offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. Whether you use a CD/DVD copier, printer or publisher, ACU-DISC® have the perfect disc for you.

Specs: Details:
Capacity:4.7 GB
Speed:1 - 16x
Model No:5060158313686
Surface:White inkjet printable, for all inkjet printers.
Dye:Purple, azo based
Hub Printable:Yes, full surface
Packaging:shrink wrap
Carton Quantity:50
Box Quantity:600
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